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Whether for a work Christmas party, conference, board meeting or client orientated event, the type of spread you lay out for everyone to get stuck into will drastically determine the overall success of the day. You could take the predictable route and hire a full blown, expensive catering company, or you can try something a little different and all round delicious. Our office catering services are the perfect solution for those in Sydney’s CBD or the surrounding areas looking to add a spark of creativity to their event. 

Choose a corporate catering option with a unique flair

If there’s one thing our many years of cruising the streets in our delicious automobile of meaty delights has taught us – people like to eat big. Nothing trumps that moment of contemplation as you hold a monster roll or burger in your hands and anticipate the glorious flavours soon to be dancing across your tastebuds. This is the exact sensation Monster Rolls aims to deliver with our corporate catering feasts.   

Office catering available throughout Sydney and the CBD

Do you want to throw an office event that leaves your employees, clients or superiors talking about it for days to come? Then you’re going to need to do something a bit more stand out than your typical food and drink providers. Not only do our food trucks come to you, fulling stocked and roaring to go, but our brightly decorated vehicle also adds a quirky splash of colour to your event. Having a conveniently fitted out restaurant on wheels also limits the amount of set up and pack up time required. This means we can be in an out with minimal hassle to you. 

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With the ability to handle groups of 30 up to 3000 per day, our beautiful slow cooked meats, homemade sauces and freshly baked rolls will leave your guests eager for more. To book our catering for your next Sydney corporate event, leave us a message at